Remove duplicates in Google Sheets

With this function, you can connect to your Google Sheets and remove all the duplicate rows in your Google sheets with just one click and only keep one unique row.

Remove duplicates in Google Sheets

How to remove duplicate rows in Google Sheets using this tool

  • Click the Google Drive icon to connect to your google drive
  • Choose the Google sheet file you want to remove duplicate rows
  • Click the Transform button to remove duplicate rows
  • Wait until complete

How to remove duplicate rows in Google Sheets using Google Sheet function

  • Select the entire sheet or the specific range of cells where you want to remove duplicates.
  • Go to the Data menu, and select Remove duplicates.
  • In the Remove duplicates dialog box, select the columns that you want to check for duplicates.
  • If you want to remove all duplicate rows, make sure the "All duplicate rows" option is selected. If you want to keep the first occurrence of each duplicate and remove the rest, select the "Unique rows only" option.
  • Click on the Remove duplicates button.

Google Sheets will now remove the duplicates from the selected range of cells, and you'll be left with only unique rows.

Note: If you have multiple sheets in your Google Sheets file, make sure you select the correct sheet before removing duplicates. The duplicates are only removed from the selected sheet, not from other sheets in the file.

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